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Fine Art Photography - Art prints for decor and wall mural design


© Range of Vision Photography - Wayne Scherr 2011. All Rights Reserved. Images may not be used without the written permission of Wayne Scherr.
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Range of Vision Photography - Fine Art Nature Imagery by Wayne Scherr
Our photographic nature images are inspirational and designed to help promote feelings
of well being, motivation and balance in your home and or work environment.
Our custom Giclee Fine Art Paper and Canvas prints
are an excellent choice for wall decor and display in public spaces.
They offer a healing and compassionate
visual experience for the viewer.

- Floral and Forest Panoramas -
- Floral Collection -
- Landscape Collection -
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- Interpretive Collection -
*All images are copyrighted by Wayne Scherr.
Illustrations on this site are presented in low resolution for easy loading.
Final scans or files are high resolution and adjusted for clarity and color balance
before your individual archival print is produced.
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- Water Collection -

All images are in limited editions of 50 total. Prints comewith a lifetime guarantee against fading or color shift, and are printed with museum quality archival inks and fine art papers.